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Welcome to our first household survey that will help us produce a Neighbourhood Plan for Bradford Abbas and Clifton Maybank, reflecting the community's needs and aspirations. We are asking every household in the parishes some questions about their thoughts on what is important and what needs to be addressed in our Neighbourhood Plan, which will help assist important decisions in the future.

What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

A neighbourhood plan gives local communities the opportunity to develop a shared vision for their area.

It can help to shape, direct, and deliver sustainable development, by influencing local planning decisions as part of the statutory Development Plan. Bradford Abbas and Clifton Maybank’s neighbourhood plan will span the next 15 years. Based on the results of this survey, a further housing needs assessment may take place, hosted by the Community Land Trust.

We ALL have a chance to influence development in our parishes. Please help our community by completing this survey.

Household Survey

Please complete one survey per household. If there is more than one person in your household, please find a consensus where your answers may have differed as your neighbourhood plan is about finding consensus, as a community. Please submit your response by 31/03/2023. We would prefer that you complete it online to assist data collection and analysis.

If anyone requires assistance or clarification on completing the survey, please call Terry Hunt: 07400 506 203


1. Age of you and other people in your house