Village Hall Availability


For bookings: please use the online booking form after having read the Village Hall's Terms and Conditions.


Information about the Village Hall

  • This is what the Village Hall looks like - including a floor plan.
  • The hall sits opposite St Marys Church and beside St Marys Primary School in a historic part of Bradford Abbas.
  • The hall contains a stage, main hall, meeting room, storage and servery area.
  • The hall can accommodate Weddings, Conferences, Workshops, Dinners, Private Parties, Theatrical Productions, Film Shows and much more. 
  • A projector can be hired on request at an additional fee.
  • The Main Hall is approximately 100 m2 and can accommodate 100 in theatre style seating or 60 at tables.
  • A hybrid mix is often used with some tables and some theatre seating, absolute maximum of 90 can be seated in this style.
  • The absolute maximum the hall can hold (e.g. standing for a concert) is 150.
  • The meeting Room is approximately 14 m2 and can accommodate 15 in theatre style seating or 10 at a table
  • The school playground can be used for parking out of school hours and there is street parking available during school hours.
  • The hall does not have a kitchen but does have a servery area with oven to enable hot buffet preparation.
  • Chairs, tables, cutlery, kettles, urn and crockery are all available for anyone using the hall.