Minutes for Ordinary Parish Council Meeting on Tuesday, 6 June 2017

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Present: Cllrs D Hayward (Chairman), P Clark, I Houston, T Hunt and S Longdon.

In attendance: Mrs P Chapman, District Councillor M Lawrence and County Councillor M Penfold.

The Chairman welcomed the new County Councillor Mary Penfold, District Councillor, Parish Councillors and members of the public to the meeting.

  1. Apologies for Absence
    Cllrs L Bennett and D Coffin.
  2. Minutes of the Last Meeting
    The minutes from the meeting held on 6th May 2017 were amended to show the meeting Cllrs I Houston and D Hayward are attending is on the 30th June not the 5th as stated on the minutes. The Chairman, Cllr D Hayward, signed the minutes as a true record of the meeting.
  3. Declaration of Interest
  4. West Dorset District Council Applications
    1. Planning Application
      No new applications were received since the last meeting.
    2. West Dorset District Council Application Decision
      The following applications were approved by WDDC:
      - WD/D/17/000929 Coimbra, Mill Lane
      - WD/D/17/000739 2 Coombe Cottages
      - WD/D/17/001034 Virginia Cottage (listed building consent)
  5. Affordable Housing and Social Housing
    Cllr D Hayward had an action to contact Mr Peter Friend to discuss how the Parish Council can assure the landowner near Pettitts Close the housing is needed and what assurances WDDC can give to ensure the properties go to people with local connections. Cllr D Hayward was unable to speak to Mr Friend as he is on holiday. He will contact Mr Friend again before the next meeting.      Action: Cllr D Hayward

    Cllr D Hayward was approached by a resident on Clifton Road concerning accessing retirement bungalows within the village allowing easier access to family and shop due to ill health. Cllr D Hayward reported Magna had a two bedroom bungalow available on the housing register in Bradford Abbas, but it was quickly withdrawn and put up for sale. He queried this with the WDDC offices in Dorchester and Blandford only to be informed a two bedroom property is not suitable for a couple only needing one bedroom. Magna was also contacted.

    Cllr D Hayward discussed this issue with District Cllr R Legg. It was agreed Cllr R Legg contact Mr Clive Milone, Head of Housing, to express the Parish Council’s concern for the house available for sale rather than going to a couple with strong links to the village, and that Cllr D Hayward would assist the applicant to obtain the necessary medical justification. Another bungalow came on the market and Magna were persuaded to withdraw this and place in on the Housing register. The couple were successful in their bid for the bungalow.

    Cllrs D Hayward and R Legg will investigate further Magna’s “disposal policy”. Action: Cllr D Hayward
  6. Matters Arising / Action Taken
    1. Design Statement
      Nothing to report. Cllr T Hunt suggested they meet again to go through the documents on the website. Action: Cllrs L Bennett, I Houston, T Hunt & Cllr D Hayward
    2. Defibrillator Update
      The Clerk stopped by the Club to check the defibrillator and saw the light was red, it was not “rescue ready”. Later in the evening she opened the cabinet up, checked the pads and then the light turned green. It was reported online as not rescue ready and the report was sent to Kate Fisher, South Western Ambulance Services. Kate changed the pads in the defibrillator and suggested the Clerk keep checking it.

      The Clerk meet with N Dyke of the Sports and Social Club to discuss what need to be done weekly and monthly.
    3. Safe Cycle and Walking Route to Yeovil
      o progress to report.
  7. Community Transport
    The Clerk was contacted by Mr John Howes, Yestminster Parish Councillor, to ask if the Parish Council would like to join the Wriggle Valley Transport Working Group (Yetminster, Chetnole & Leigh)   
    The Working Group will investigate the options available if the local bus service ceases. He is currently running a survey on the Yetminster Parish Council website and suggested it maybe beneficial if Bradford Abbas could put it on their website in order to determine the current bus usage.  Mr Howes sent the Clerk a link to a survey to put on the website. It was decided the Clerk will put the survey up on the Bradford Abbas website with the help of Cllr I Houston. Action: Cllr I Houston and the Clerk

    Cllr D Hayward asked the members of the public if they wish to speak concerning the buses as they did not get a chance earlier in the meeting. (At this time no one wished to speak)

    County Cllr M Penfold informed the Parish Council of the voluntary community transport group available within her village (Sydling St Nicholas). It is run by volunteer drivers 5 days a week and charge 40p per mile. The public liability is provided by themselves (drivers) but subsidised. It is a taxi like based scheme and grants are available of up to £5K to set one up locally. Many of these grants will not cover the cost and require fundraising to sustain them.

    Cllr M Lawrence noted many additional non profit organisations that may be available in the area such as the green bus.

    It was resolved the Clerk will contact Mr John Howes to inform him the Bradford Abbas Parish Council is happy to join the working group. Action: Clerk

  8. County Councillors, District Councillor and Officer Reports
    Village Hall Representative:  Cllr T Hunt noted a few members of the village hall committee are looking into a simpler way to report finances at their meetings.

    Footpath Officer: Cllr S Longdon reported brambles were hanging over the footpaths sign on the Emlet. Mill Lane Footpath has a broken kissing gate that has been reported. Overgrown grass on Fanny Brook Lane’s footpath and the wall near Tudor Cottage. He reattached the anti-slip strip on the Mill Farm footbridge. All other footpaths are fine.

    Tree Officer: Cllr L Bennett was not present but forwarded a message to the Clerk noting she did not have any concerns with the two tree applications listed on the dorsetforyou website.

    District Cllr M Lawrence noted there is a new Chairman of WDDC, Cllr Peter Shorland and vice chairperson, Cllr Jean Dunseith. She discussed the new youth category of the Best Village Competition.

    County Cllr Mary Penfold gave her contact details and informed the Councillors she is happy to come out to the village if there is a problem. She will try to attend as many meetings as possible but many times our meeting conflicts with other meetings.

  9. Standing Orders
    Cllr D Hayward noted an amendment he had to allow the standing orders reflect the way the Parish Council works at the moment which fits within the good practice guidelines. He read aloud his changes to the standing orders. The Clerk suggested a small amendment. It was unanimously agreed. The Clerk will circulate the standing orders once they reflect the recent amendments. Action: Clerk 
  10. Highways
    1. Fingerpost Refurbishment Update
      The work is ongoing. No progress to report at this time.
    2. Back Lane Mirror
      Nothing to report.
    3. Any other Highway Matters
      Nothing to report concerning communications between Somerset County Council and Dorset County Council and the problems the local villages are having with increased traffic due to the road works on the A30 near Pen Mill.

      Cllr I Houston needed some more NO dog fouling posts and warning stickers.

      Cllr D Hayward has not approached the houses near Grants Hill in reference to the cars parked outside the Old Rectory as the problems seems to have stopped at the moment.

  11. Playing Fields
    1. Inspection Reports from Volunteers
      Cllr S Longdon noted some areas on the toddler unit may require replacing. Many of the blue chippings under the seesaw were scattered around the playing fields and footpaths. The membrane was visible in areas the blue chippings were missing.

      The Clerk noted Mr M Hopkins gave an estimate for work needed to the unit. She will review the estimate and speak to Cllr D Hayward. Action: Clerk
    2. Annual Inspection
      The annual inspection is due to be completed in July accompanied. It was decided this year not to have the inspection accompanied. The Clerk will contact the Play Inspection to change the instruction. Action: Clerk
    3. Ongoing Repairs
      Awaiting repairs to be completed.

      Cllr D Hayward felt the benches could be refurbished rather than replaced. He suggested we complete one seat at a time. We have not heard from the potential volunteer. Cllr L Bennett not present.
  12. Financial Accounts
    1. Grants & Donation
      A request received from the Church for a donation to the upkeep of the churchyard. It was resolved to grant the Church £500.
    2. Internal Audit
      The Clerk distributed all the audit information prior to the meeting. The internal audit was completed and approved.

      The Councillors in attendance approved the Governance Statement, Section 2 of the annual return, the increased fixed assets for the audit.

      The Clerk has put up notification for the public to exercise their right to review the accounts/ annual audit between 9/6 and 20/7 on both noticeboards on Church Road and with the help of Cllr I Houston it will be on the website. Action: Clerk & Cllr I Houston

    3. Accounts for Payment
      The Clerk reported:
           Current account:  balance carried forward £ 7,242.43
      hqs paid last month £    209.34
                                                o/s cheque            £     
      balance                    £  7,020.49

      Deposit Account:     balance carried forward £ 10,172.99
      £            .40
      balance                   £ 10,173.39
    4.                                                                                           £ 17,193.86

      The only cheque needed for approval is the Clerk’s wage of £209.34 to be sent online. The Councillors were unanimously in favour of paying the Clerk’s wages online.
  13. Correspondences
    - The Clerk received an email from Mr S Prew concerning Bradford Abbas Festival of Wheels. The organisers wish to use the playing fields for either display, parking or both.  The Parish Council cannot be responsible for any damage to any vehicles on site. The Clerk will contact Mr Prew. The Councillors did not have any objections to using the playing fields in principal but it requires a reasonable barrier between the cars and play area and it must be monitored.

    - Highways newsletter distributed to the Councillors

    - NALC consultation forwarded to the Councillors

    - Seafarers & Ministry of Defence – Fly the Flag this Armed Forces Day and for the Merchant Navy Day. It was decided not to purchase the flag(s) offered. The PC is not responsible for the flagpole on the Church tower. 

  14. Items for the Pennant
    Bus Survey available online and Clerk will assist or print out for residents if needed. 
  15. Any other information for July 2017 Agenda

Meeting Closed 9:45pm