Minutes for Ordinary Parish Council Meeting on Tuesday, 11 July 2017

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Present: Cllrs D Hayward (Chairman), L Bennett (Vice Chair) P Clark, I Houston, T Hunt and S Longdon.

In attendance: Mrs P Chapman, District Councillors M Lawrence, R Legg and County Councillor M Penfold.

he Chairman welcomed the new County Councillor Mary Penfold, District Councillor, County Councillor, and members of the public to the meeting.

  1. Apologies for Absence  Cllr D Coffin.
  2. Minutes of the Last Meeting  The draft minutes from the meeting held on 6th June were approved by the Councillors and signed by the Chairman, Cllr D Hayward, as a true record of the meeting.
  3. Declaration of Interest 
  4. West Dorset District Council Applications
    1. Planning Application
      West Dorset District Council Application Decision
      WD/D/17/001186 Mill Farm, Bradford Abbas.  Change of use of land to residential and create a walled garden, new walls and bunding.
      It was decided an extraordinary meeting was not needed as there were no issues with the original application from the Councillor or members of the pubic. The deadline for the Parish Council comments was between Parish Council Meetings. The Parish Council did not have any objection to this amended application nor the previous application. The Clerk informed the Parish Council of the conversation she had with Andrew Tregay, Boon Brown concerning the Parish Council’s comments on planning application. Historically when the Clerk submitted comments on the planning portal the 2 tick boxes to choose from were objection or no objection. It has now changed to 3 options: objection, support or comment. Recently if no objections were raised at a meeting the Clerk would tick comment stating that no objections were raised from the Parish Council or members of the public. The Clerk will ask WDDC why the change has taken place and report back at the next meeting. Mr Tregay felt the Case Officer may have held it against the applicants that the Parish Council did not support the document when submitting comments on the planning portal (dorsetforyou.gov.uk). Action: Clerk

      Cllr P Clark suggested supporting an application would refer to supporting a decision of approval if WDDC were to do so.

    2. West Dorset District Council Application Decision
      WD/D/17/001554 - Virginia Cottage, North Street.  Request for confirmation of compliance with conditions 3, 4 & 5 of Listed Building Consent.  WDDC Approved.

      The Clerk received and forwarded the refusal for WD/D/7/000832 (Mill Farm). There was some confusion to the refusal between the walled garden and residential extension and landscaping. Cllr D Hayward emailed an explanation prior to the meeting but will look at it again to confirm his email is correct. The refusal is that of an undecided application not an old application. Cllr R Legg noted the walled garden application has been recommended for refusal and the District Cllrs have 5 days to provide reasons the application should be considered before (WDDC) Development Control Committee.

      It was noted the footpath in front of the Mill Farm main house has been blocked at times over the past week. The Clerk sent an email to Mr Tregay stating it should not be blocked at any time during building works as stated by Dorset Countryside. Mr Tregay responded informing the Clerk the contractor and foreman have been reminded not to block the footpath for any reason. It was concluded to no action will be taken at the moment and the Councillors will keep an eye on it.

  5. Affordable Housing
    Cllrs D Hayward and I Houston attending the formal opening of 8 new Hastoe Housing Association affordable homes in the village of Tolpuddle.  There were 156 applications for the 8 properties and tenants with links to the village were given priority. Cllr I Houston felt the Parish Council would have liked more involvement. Cllr I Houston noted the design was sympathetic to the surroundings and environmentally friendly. All the houses were for rent which was what the area needed.
    Cllr D Hayward spoke to Mr Loxton concerning housing near Pettitts Close. Mr Loxton did not realise it was still a consideration and is still unsure it is what the village needs. Cllr I Houston and D Hayward will put together a mailshot for the next meeting. Action: Cllrs I Houston & D Hayward
  6. Matters Arising / Action Taken
    1. Design Statement
      Cllr T Hunt asked for their views on the university college application for the History Society’s project. Cllr T Hunt said the information gained could be used for the design statement. If agreed he will keep this in mind when completing the application for the project in order for a student to produce information boards for the village. It was agreed he has the support of the Parish Council.
    2. Defibrillator Update
      The Clerk spoke to N Dyke who reported that the Sports and Social Club defibrillator was not rescue ready again but when he opened up the unit the light turned green / rescue ready. The Clerk spoke to Kate Fisher, South Western Ambulance Service, who suggested we “keep an eye on it”. It was discussed if the light turns red again it should be moved out of the sun. The Clerk will report at the next meeting if any issues arise. Action: Clerk
    3. Safe Cycle and Walking Route to Yeovil
      The Clerk forwarded an email concerning funding opportunities for improving local path networks to the Councillors. Cllr S Longdon sent an email suggesting the Parish Council is exploring ways to improve access to Yeovil through Bradford Hollow to the Peel Centre. The Clerk emailed the Countryside Project Development Officer to enquire if there is a deadline. The reply stated there is not a deadline and perhaps our project is better suited for a community grant. The Clerk will send some photos demonstrating the state of the path to give a better idea of the work needed. Action: Clerk
  7. Report from the Wriggle Vallly Transportation Group
    Cllr D Hayward noted he heard Southwest Coaches could possibly be taking up the route, but after speaking to the depot he reported this is, unfortunately, untrue. The Clerk received confirmation the bus will cease operation on the 22nd July.

    Cllr I Houston attended the Wriggle Valley Community Transport Meeting. He reported the committee discussed a few possibilities:
    using the school buses that go to Gryphon to get to Sherborne
        -  Norcat service, although it is possibly not suitable (for Gillingham)
    Tesco bus extending/increasing their services, although it is not suitable for disabled residents
    £5K match funding with several villages for a bus or car service

    It was resolved the Clerk drop into the Yeovil depot to ask who to contact to discuss the possibility of extending the x10 bus that runs along the A30 to serve the village. Action: Clerk

    County Cllr M Penfold informed the Parish Council the administrator serving Sydling St Nicholas is happy to help set up local service for the villages. 

  8. County Councillors, District Councillor and Officer Reports
    There will be temporary “unsuitable for alternative route” signs at the bottom of Bradford Hollow during the A30 closure between Babylon Hill Roundabout and the entrance for Pittards. It will begin at the end of August and will be a lengthy process. County Cllr M Penfold informed the Councillors there will be an open day on the 13th July in Digby Hall to discuss the upcoming roadworks near the Barton Farm Development at the junction of the A30 and Horsecastles.

    Village Hall Representative: Cllr T Hunt had nothing to report.

    Footpath Officer: Cllr S Longdon reported brambles were hanging over the gate on Higher Westbury. The resident nearby will trim the trees. He also mentioned the dumpy bags near the Emlet that have been left there for a long time. Possibly an abandoned car. The Clerk will email Highways about the flytipping and the police in reference to the car. Action: Clerk

    The Councillors discussed the work completed along Fanny Brook’s Lane by a nearby resident. Cllr I Houston was concerned there are exposed sharp tiles that could be dangerous. Cllr D Hayward met on site with the resident and noted he fills the holes the tractors create with rubble, then sand and gravel/stones. Grass will eventually grow over the top. Cllr D Hayward requested the Parish Council discusses this further once the sand and stone is completed.

    Tree Officer: Cllr L Bennett noted there are overhanging trees from the Grange and the pyracantha on the pavement outside Tudor Cottage needs trimming. (If there are new owners in the near future it was felt the Parish Council may consider asking them to remove the shrub).

  9. Highways
    1. Fingerpost Refurbishment Update
      After careful consideration it was decided not to leave out Yetminster and move forward with the wider arm at an additional cost of £40. Cllr D Hayward discussed an issue with the Yetminster arm that is very long compared to the others. The Park Lodge fingerpost (Bradford Road) has been dismantled and work has begun.

      It was noted the Bradford Abbas Stones are now cleaned and look very good. The Babylon Hill Roundabout also is in full bloom. It was decided the Clerk will take some photos and send to D Ackerley thanking him for his help in replacing many of the dead plants and trees. Action: Clerk

      Cllr D Hayward reported he spoke with Mr Dyer who will be building a small stable for a miniature pony in his field. It is Mr Dyers understanding he is not be required to apply for planning permission. 

    2. Back Lane Mirror
      he Clerk received Railtrack forms to complete in order to request written permission for the mirror opposite the allotment access. Cllr L Bennett reported the BAAHA has decided not to continue with the Back Lane mirror as it was becoming difficult to obtain permission. The item is not needed for the next agenda.
    3. Any other Highway Matters
      Nothing to report.
  10. Playing Fields
    1. Inspection Reports from Volunteers
      The Clerk will email Cllr D Hayward the paint colours. It was concluded not to replace the wood at this time but to paint the remaining structure to protect it from further damage. Some bits have been found elsewhere in the Playing Field. Cllr D Hayward discussed the toddler roof framing which has disappeared as a result of suspected vandalism. Many of the blue chippings under the seesaw were scattered around the playing fields and footpaths. The membrane was visible in areas the blue chippings were missing.  Action:  Clerk

      Mr Hopkins has completed the work estimated for on the toddler frame and wooden climbing frame near the basket swing. The top bar on the climbing frame was discussed as it showing signs of severe rot and it was questioned whether the chain should be removed but felt it was not dangerous at this time. Mr Hopkins will take a look at replacing the cross bar.

      Mr Hopkins and Cllr D Hayward both felt the seats could be refurbished rather than replaced.

      The playing field committee will meet at the park in order clean the synthetic surface under the swings. Action: Cllrs D Hayward, S Longdon & I Houston

      The Clerk noted the email received from a resident with small children concerned with the age and safety of some of the equipment and if the PC had any plans to update equipment in the playing fields. The Clerk replied to her email asking if she would like to attend the Parish Council meeting to discuss it in further detail. She was unavailable at the time of the meeting but the Clerk received permission to read aloud the correspondences. The Clerk suggested a member or two from the playing field Committee meet with her to discuss the equipment concerns and her suggestions. The Councillors agreed and the Clerk will contact the resident. Action: Clerk & Playing Field Working Group

    2. Annual Inspection
      The annual inspection has not taken place yet. The Clerk will forward the report as soon as it is received.

    3. Ongoing Repairs
      Mr Hopkins has completed the repairs and submitted an invoice for the estimated amount. The invoice was approved by the Councillor in attendance.
  11. Financial Accounts
    1. Grants & Donation
      None received.
    2. Accounts for Payment
      The Clerk distributed a spreadsheet updating the payments made this financial year including the approved invoices for requests for this month:
          -  £209.34 – Clerks wage
          -  £495.00 – M. Hopkins playing field repairs as quoted
          -  £  42.30 – P Chapman expenses for the website (Amazon)
  12. Correspondences
    All correspondences were discussed earlier in the meeting.
  13. Items for the Pennant
    It has been confirmed the bus to the village has ceased. The PC is investigating alternative possibilities
  14. Any other information/ Items for the September Agenda
    Cllr I Houston noted Councillors can upload their own items by logging in. (Example Audit Notice of Inspection).

Meeting Closed 9:45pm