Minutes for Ordinary Parish Council Meeting on Tuesday, 5 September 2017

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Present: Cllrs D Hayward (Chairman), L Bennett (Vice Chair) P Clark and T Hunt.

In attendance: Mrs P Chapman (Clerk), District Councillors M Lawrence, R Legg and County Councillor M Penfold.

  1. Apologies for Absence 
    Cllrs D Coffin, I Houston and S Longdon. 

  2. Minutes of the Last Meeting 
    The draft minutes from the meeting held on 11th July and 18th August were approved by the Councillors in attendance and signed by the Chairman, Cllr D Hayward, as a true record of the meeting(s).
  3. Declaration of Interest
  4. West Dorset District Council Applications
    1. Planning Application
      No new applications were received since at the Extraordinary Meeting held on the 18th August.

    2. West Dorset District Council Application Decision
      WD/D/17/001590 Yorkfold, Churchwell Street, Bradford Abbas was approved by WDDC.

      The Clerk emailed the Case Officer concerning the application for 1 The Cross in order to receive the statement the applicant sent to WDDC along with the application. The Case Officer has not responded, it was decided to support the application as discussed at the meeting in August.

      The Clerk has had contact from the applicant for 1 Wessex Drive requesting information from the Extraordinary Meeting held on the 18th August as at that time the minutes were not published. The Clerk answered the queries and the minutes are now available on the Parish Council website.

      District Cllr R Legg noted a few examples, recently, that the Parish Council’s objection does not necessarily lead to the application going to Committee.
  5. Affordable Housing
    Nothing to report at this time. Cllrs D Hayward and I Houston are preparing a mailshot and item for the pennant in order to determine the need for affordable housing along with the figures of registered with WDDC. Action: Cllrs I Houston & D Hayward
  6. Matters Arising / Action Taken
    1. Design Statement
      Cllr T Hunt has completed an application for a Bradford Abbas History Society project with a student from the Media & Communications Dept of Bournemouth University. The project is for a student to design an information board for the village. He noted the project looks as if it will move forward and perhaps one of the longstanding Councillors would like have direct involvement in the project. Cllrs D Hayward and L Bennett volunteered. Cllr T Hunt gave the application form to Cllr D Hayward to review.
    2. Defibrillator Update
      Mr T Jacklin emailed the Clerk noting the defibrillator located at the Sports and Social Club was not rescue ready / showed a red light but when unit was opened up the  a light turned green / rescue ready.  This has happened several times during the summer months. The Clerk spoke to N Dyke offering assistance in completing the monthly reports online. The Clerk emailed Kate Fisher, South Western Ambulance Service, and Mr T Jacklin with an update. No response was received by the time of the meeting Action: Clerk
    3. Safe Cycle and Walking Route to Yeovil
      Nothing to report at this time. Project ongoing.
  7. Community Transport
    Cllr I Houston and D Hayward have attended meetings with the WVTG (Wriggle Valley Transport Group) the notes will be attached at the end of the minutes. The group continues to review many options but no solution has been reached yet. Bradford Abbas has the Tesco bus on a Monday, NORDCAT services on Tuesday (to Yeovil), Thursday (to Sherborne) and Saturday (to Yeovil).  The Clerk will put the contact details in order to register in the next Pennant. They are now on the noticeboard outside the Church gate.

    County Cllr Penfold gave the Clerk and Chairman the telephone number for Helen Reed, Dorset Community Transport to contact with queries.
  8. County Councillors, District Councillor and Officer Reports
    Village Hall: Cllr T Hunt had nothing to report.

    Footpaths: Cllr S Longdon emailed his report to the Clerk prior to the meeting. He has cut the overhanging brambles along Fanny Brook’s Lane, reported the flooding in the kissing gate leading from the river field to the road across from Mill Farm. He reported fly tipping in the village. It was noted most of the fly tipping has been collected.

    The brambles need to be cut overhanging from Tutor Cottage on the footpath across from the shop. The Clerk will contact the owners.

    Trees: Cllr Bennett had nothing to report although vegetation is overhanging from Tudor Cottage on to the pavements. The Clerk will contact the owners. Cllr D Hayward noted he had an application approved to trim the apple tree in his garden but the tree fell down recently.

    District Cllr M Lawrence informed the Parish Council of upcoming events, particularly the 26th September in Dorchester. She reminded the Councillors to register online or by text for the electoral roll in order to enter into the competition and possibly win £1000.

    County Cllr M Penfold also reported the fly tipping in the area. The Clerk will report the three black bin liner bags on Underdown. Action: Clerk Cllrs M Lawrence, MPenfold & R Legg left the meeting
  9. Highways
    1. Fingerpost Refurbishment Update
      Park Lodge fingerpost (Bradford Road) has been completed. Cllr D Hayward requested reimbursement for £40.51 expenses. All agreed.

      Clerk will write a letter of thanks to the volunteers that assisted Cllr D Hayward in refurbishing 4 fingerposts. Cllr T Hunt noted how wonderful they look and thanked Cllr D Hayward for his hard work and commitment to the project. Action:  Clerk

      Cllr D Hayward informed the Councillors there is one left at the junction of Church Road and Grants Hill. He asked if Cllr P Clark could complete it with a volunteer or two. Cllr P Clark is happy to take a look at it in order to refurbish the fingerpost from the field side as the junction is too busy and dangerous to gain access. Action: Cllr P Clark

    2. Street Signs
      following up with West Dorset District Council and Dorset District Council the Clerk reported that Back Lane now is officially named Back Lane between Underdown and Cross Road. Old Compton Lane is now between Underdown and the A30. Cllr D Hayward is in contact with Mr S Mounce, Dorset County Council, concerning the location of the street naming signs for the roads.

      It was noted both “Bradford Abbas” signs on Grants Hill are tilted. The Clerk will report this to Dorset County Council (DCC). Action: Clerk
    3. Any other Highway Matters
      Mr P Hatcher of DCC contacted the Clerk noting the concrete blocks near the Peel Centre/Bradford Hollow will be moved back to their original position as there is still drainage issues that need correcting. It is unknown if this has happened already.
  10. Playing Fields
    1. Inspection Reports from Volunteers
      Nothing new to report.
    2. Annual Inspection
      The annual inspection took place in July, the Clerk emailed the report to the Councillors. The Clerk received an email noting the wooden climbing frame near the basket swing needs attention asap due to the wood rot found on the top crossbar. It was decided to contact Mr M Hopkins urgently to get an estimate for replacing the crossbar at the current length or shorter in removing the climbing chainlink. Cllr P Clark will speak to Mr Hopkins. Action: Cllr P Clark
    3. Repairs needed to Equipment
      The following was noted:
           - crossbar of the wooden climbing frame: Cllr P Clark will speak to Mr M Hopkins
           - re-tension the zipwire: The Clerk will contact HAGS for the repair
           - skateboard & ER frame showing sign of corrosion. The Clerk will contact the Cubs/Scouts
           - benches rotting: waiting for an estimate from M Hopkins

      r T Sugrue who kindly empties the bins and litter picks in the playing fields noted some bin bags dumped on the field over the summer. He left them with his rubbish and it was collected but if it happens continuously it may not be collected with his bins.

      A few of the residents in the village are hoping to raise money for some new equipment for the playing fields. They suggested a pumper track to replace the mounds in the playing fields. The September fundraiser has been postponed but it was resolved if they wish to move forward in the winter the Parish Council would be happy to provide the village hall hire costs if needed. The Clerk will inform Cllr I Houston. Action: Clerk
    4. Ongoing Repairs
      r Hopkins has completed the repairs to both climbing frames requested a few months ago and submitted an invoice for the estimated amount. The invoice was approved by the Councillor in attendance.
  11. Financial Accounts
    1. Grants & Donation
      None received.
    2. Accounts for Payment
      The Clerk distributed a printed document of the payments requested this month for their approval (see attached). All online transfers and cheques were approved, including the insurance renewal payment  of £375.21 to Came & Co. The Clerk will contact Cllr L Bennett to authorise online.
  12. Correspondences
    - Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty event Tues 26 Sep in Dorchester
    - Annual Councillors Satisfaction Survey for Dorset Highways (DCC)
    - Dorset Local Access Forum (recruiting now)
    upcoming DAPTC Autumn events schedule
  13. Items for the Pennant
    The Clerk will put the reported from the Wriggle Valley Transport Group on the noticeboard. Two items for the next Pennant: Nordcat bus information and how to report fly tipping.
  14. Any other information/ Items for the October Agenda

Meeting Closed 9:15pm


                                            September 2017 Meeting Finances:

Balance of Current Account as the of 5/9/17:  £  5,367.77
o/s chq £12.60
£ 5,355.17
Balance of the Deposit Account as of 5/9/17:                    £10,174.67
Total Balance of both accounts:                      £15,529.84

Payment Requested for approval:

The following to be paid by BACS:
£ 209.34 Clerk’s Wage
£ 49.08 Clerk’s expenses
£ 78.00 The Play Inspection Company
£ 293.44 DAPTC Annual Subscription

The following to be paid by cheque:
£ 40.51 Derek Hayward fingerpost supply reimbursement
£ 260.00 P Bide as estimated cleaning the Millennium Stones

£ 930.37 Total payments for September


                                                  WRIGGLE VALLEY TRANSPORT GROUP


Notes from Meeting: Wednesday 30th August – White Hart, Yetminster

Present: David Torrance, Michaela Place, Richard Smith, Sandra Tuck, Derek Hayward, Iain Houston and Vinney Knight

Apologies: Owen Pope, Tony Jones, Graham Plaice John Howse, Nick Macleod-Ash,

The group welcomed Iain Houston who is a councillor with Bradford Abbas

Background to date:

  1. DIT gave a brief resume re actions to date: - group consisted of representatives from Yetminster, Chetnole, Leigh and Bradford Abbas - Evershot Parish Council, Melbury Osmond Parish Council, Corscombe, Halstock & District Parish Council have also expressed an interest in joining our initiative. DCC Community Transport Toolkit had been circulated to the group. Initial options had been identified and articles had been submitted to the WVM and updates were available on the individual Parish websites. Report on progress provided for submission to the individual Parish Councils. User on-line survey had been opened (now closed) to establish likely demand. Funding available from DCC up to £5000 per “community” but any approved amount had to matched by voluntary contributions. Funding may also be available through Community Funds administered by the commercial sector. Work to determine feasibility of purchasing and running “Parish Community Bus” had been undertaken and worked out at approx £4000 per parish (£2000 CC grant + £2000 on precept). Further work needed but now on hold following contact with NORDCAT when they visited Chetnole Coffee morning.
  2. It was understood that NORDCAT already offered a Community Transport service and that they already collected people from all 4 parishes. WVM September article had been updated to reflect this and to include their contact details. Details had also been added to the bus stops.

Summary of Chosen Options:-

  1. Utilise existing Community Transport bus schemes
  2. Use school bus service (contracts now allowed residents to accompany schoolchildren – what happens in school holidays?)
  3. Approach Supermarkets to extend existing Free Bus service or to operate new service
  4. Utilise existing car share
  5. Set up new “Get to Work” car share scheme/s for the four parishes


P thought that it was now imperative that we had some idea of the numbers who were likely to use the service. David T explained that the NP Group had purchased the standard package from Survey Monkey and that he might be able to help John H produce these. There had been no response from the initial contact with the supermarkets and the group again expressed their concerns re this (see also minutes 9th August). Sandra T had used the Tesco free bus and it had been packed out – the driver had not been particularly helpful. Richard S felt that it was still worth pursuing the Supermarkets as provision of a bus by them had the advantage of potentially attracting more customers. Iain H felt that the existing supermarket bus was not particularly flexible. Michaela P thought the bus should be based on Sherborne and it was agreed that she would write to the Head Offices of the Sherborne supermarkets. David T had had a grant from Sainsbury for the Yetminster Fair and he would look for the contact details used for this.

Michaela P to write to the Head Offices of Sherborne Supermarkets.

David T to find details of grant from Sainsbury for the fair

David T to offer help to John H re the stats from the survey

In the absence of John H, David T was asked to contact SWC re extending their No 68 Stowford service to Bradford Abbas and Yetminster (would they extend to Chetnole & Leigh?)- N.B: John H had previously indicated that any extension might be in the form of an “excursion” service.

David T to contact SWC

David T provided an update following the discussions with NORDCAT when he, Owen P and Graham P had met the manager, Helen Reed. It was necessary to register for their service and then you could book a seat the day before (better to book early). If the bus was fully booked they would put on another. They collected people from their houses (they had had to do this when the bus service was operating so as not to be in direct competition with the bus providers but may now review this). They went to Yeovil on Tuesdays and Saturdays and to Sherborne on Thursdays. David T was concerned that there could be delays in collecting people which would limit the time available for shopping – this was thought to be about 2 hrs. He had also heard that the service was unreliable.

David T to arrange meeting with Helen Reed

Members of the WVTG to be invited

Sandra T had registered but had not heard anything more. She had telephoned NORDCAT and had had a rather disjointed discussion re their service. She also pointed out that Bradford Abbas was not mentioned in the NORDCAT timetable – David T had specifically mentioned Bradford Abbas in their discussions with Helen Reed who had indicated that there would not be problems in visiting any or all of the 4 parishes.

Vinney K felt that it was impractical to collect people due to the potential numbers involved and Iain H warned that people could be waiting some time at a bus stop if there were delays and that it would be difficult to operate a “timed” service. It was recognised that part of the attraction of going shopping was to meet other people on the bus.

Iain H felt that there was no much enthusiasm for using NORDCAT within Bradford Abbas and Sandra T felt that there was a danger that people were crammed in making shopping trolleys etc. difficult to use. Vinney K felt that there were some advantages to be collected from your home – it would prevent waiting a long time at the bus stop etc – but it was not ideal due to the time involved. Michaela P felt that it was NORDCAT or nothing in the short term at least.

Iain H felt that if NORDCAT were used then it was important to feedback any problems and Michaela P felt that the arrangement should in the form of a partnership – it was important to get it to work so that people had something.

Sandra T had been in touch with Yeovil College who were looking at options but did not seem very interested in helping their students.

Further discussion once feedback provided by the college

Iain H felt that the 4 councils should, on behalf of the WVTG, petition the County Council to make them aware of the problems being caused by their removal of funding for local buses. Agreed that we would write a draft to be provided to the various Parish Council chairs and for Mary Penfold.

David to draft and circulate for comment

Derek H referred to the train service and whilst this could be used it was rather limited in that it would be difficult for some of the elderly residents to get to the station let alone return with full shopping trolleys. David T felt that there was the potential to have a central ordering contact so that those who weren’t conversant with the internet could benefit from having their heavy shopping delivered by the Tesco home delivery etc. It was understood that a number of residents did their shopping through Iceland. They could visit the store in Yeovil and place their order which would them be delivered. This seemed to negate the need for a central contact point and this was not pursued.

David T confirmed he had signed up for the Dorset Car Share Scheme as a driver although he had not yet offered any lifts. The process was quite easy and there were about 450 registered users.

The date of the next meeting was dependent on feedback for the meeting with Helen Reed