Minutes for Ordinary Parish Council Meeting on Tuesday, 7 November 2017

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Present: Cllrs D Hayward (Chairman), D Coffin, I Houston, T Hunt and S London.
In attendance: Mrs P Chapman (Clerk) and District Councillor M Lawrence.

  1. Apologies for Absence
    Cllrs L Bennett and P Clark and County Councillor M Penfold.
  2. Minutes of the Last Meeting
    The minutes from the meeting held 3rd October 2017 were approved by the Councillors in attendance and signed by the Chairman, Cllr D Hayward, as a true record of the meeting.
  3. Declaration of Interest
  4. West Dorset District Council Applications
    1. Planning Application
      No new planning applications received for consultation.
    2. West Dorset District Council Application Decision
      WD/D/17/001525 (1 Wessex Drive) was approved at WDDC Planning Committee. No site visit took place as requested by the District Cllr R Legg.

      WD/D/17/001771 Haven House, 1 Bishops Lane is scheduled to go to WDDC Planning Committee on the 16th November. The Case Officer has recommended it for approval. It was felt the report was inaccurate stating the balcony was previously approved. It was agreed Cllr D Hayward will review the original plans and write a statement to the Case Officer prior to the meeting.  Action: Cllr D Hayward

      District Cllr D Lawrence reported there is a site visit scheduled for next week and if the Parish Council were to send a statement in to be read out at the WDDC Committee Meeting on the 16th November then it must make it clear and state the Parish Council gives permission for the statement to be read.
  5. Dorset County Council Definitive Map Statement Modification Order 2017
    The order is for the (re) opening of the footpath used locally for generations across East Farm/Saxton Maybank that was not listed on the Definitive Map.

    The Clerk spoke to Mr Hobson, DCC, and reported the 6th October’s deadline was extended to the 20th October 2017. The extension allows for the residents in the Saxton Maybank area that do not reside in the properties affected by the footpath year around more time to be made aware of and review the order. A resident of Saxton Maybank contacted the Parish Clerk to discuss the Order in more detail. A telephone conversation occurred on 27 Oct between the resident, Cllr D Hayward and the Clerk. The property owner noted it will destroy the site as many of the houses are used as holiday homes, the proposed footpath will lie within 4 ft of some of the houses, it was felt there is no real need for the footpath, it may become a security issue as the site is unmanned and the house values will depreciate with a footpath running through the middle of the site. The owners were not informed of the proposed footpath from Charter Oak or property searches. He suggested a few of the residents of Saxton Maybank are considering applying to extinguish the footpath if it is approved.

    Cllr D Hayward and the Clerk noted there is evidence the path was used for generations and in recent years the parishioners respected the locked gates restricting access to area thus it has not been walked in the past 7 to 10 years. The resident invited the Councillors to walk the site with him in order to get a better idea how close the footpath will be to the private properties.

    It was felt by a few Councillors some of the issues noted are with Charter Oak rather than the Parish Council. Charter Oak was aware of the Parish Council’s intent. The Councillors agreed to meet with the resident. The Clerk will set up a meeting and contact DAPTC to get advice, perhaps other parishes have been in a similar situation. Action: Clerk
  6. Affordable Housing
    Nothing to report at this time. Cllr I Houston will produce a first draft of a flyer for Cllr D Hayward to review. Cllr D Hayward will contact District Cllr R Legg to determine if a meeting took place with Mr N Dyke in reference to the possible housing at the Club. Action: Cllrs D Hayward and I Houston
  7. Matters Arising / Action Taken
    1. Design Statement
      Cllr T Hunt reported the University of Bournemouth could not secure any students to take on the project at this time. The Parish Council will need to reconsider the design statement on the website without Historical Society and University’s involvement. Cllr T Hunt and I Houston will meet to discuss the options.  Action: Cllrs T Hunt and I Houston
    2. Defibrillator Update
      he Clerk requested South Western Ambulance Services supply a new defibrillator at the Sports Club location due to the problems Mr N Dyke reported. Periodically the defibrillator was not “rescue ready” over the past month but when the unit was opened up it did not turn green as previously. The Clerk will contact Mr Nick Dyke to let him know it will be changed and hopefully it will no longer show a red light at any time. Action: Clerk
    3. Safe Cycle and Walking Route to Yeovil
      Nothing to report at this time. Project ongoing.
  8. Community Transport
    Cllr D Hayward stated the NORDCAT service will be running a 6 week trial bus on Monday to Sherborne. The Councillors have agreed to donate £75.00 toward this trial bus service.  The Clerk will put up posters of all the buses available and get the details for the donation to NORDCAT. Action: Clerk
  9. County Councillors, District Councillor and Officer Reports
    Village Hall: Cllr T Hunt had nothing to report.

    Footpath: Cllr S Longdon reported has did not walk Mill Lane footpath but the other footpaths are in good order.

    Trees: Cllr L Bennett was not present but did not have anything to report.

    District Councillor M Lawrence reported the gov’t are minded to approved the Dorset Councils’ move from 9 councils to 2. West Dorset District Council is concerned with the universal credit changes and the effect on the public. There will be new parking charges in many areas and no overnight stays.

    County Councillor M Penfold was not present.
  10. Highways
    1. Fingerpost Refurbishment Update
      Cllr D Hayward reported the last fingerpost at the junction of Church Road and Grants Hill is completed and will be erected soon. The volunteers are investigating the grid reference at the top of the fingerpost as it may be incorrect.
    2. Any other Highway Matters
      Cllr D Hayward noted the new street signs for Back Lane and Old Compton Lane are now up at the junction of Underdown. The Clerk emailed the Councillors the proposed closure of Back Lane in order to complete drainage work.

      he Clerk will report a pothole on Queeens Road and the tyres on Old Compton Lane. Action: Clerk

      Cllr D Hayward noted the grit bins in the village have been topped up.
  11. Playing Fields
    1. Inspection Reports from Volunteers to include new rota for 2018
      The Clerk emailed the new rota to all Councillors prior to the meeting. The Clerk noted she saw a HAGS van outside the playing fields this morning. She will contact Mr Hopkins to ask if it had to do with the new posts he is chasing HAGS for or re-tensioning the zip wire. Action: Clerk

      The Clerk spoke to Mr Tomsett to ask if he could collect the cut grass and the additional cost to do so. He does not have the equipment to collect the grass. He noted it was not cost effective for him to do this and he is considering lessening his workload, in order to retire in the near future. The Clerk a company from an email received recently soliciting business. The estimated cost is £110 to cut and collect the grass. It was concluded the Clerk will obtain another estimate for comparison and references from KTD Gardening. It was suggested to contact Mill Farm to ask for their landscapers name and Thorhacket Parish Council. Action: Clerk
    2. Repairs needed to Equipment
      The Clerk is assisting Mr Hopkins source the climbing frame and zip wire posts that need replacing through HAGS but they are slow to respond. Work ongoing.
  12. Financial Accounts
    1. Grants & Donation
      None received.
    2. Accounts for Payment
      The Clerk noted there are four payments to be made:
      £   209.34 – Clerk’s wage month 8
      £   209.34 – Clerk’s wage month 9 (PC does not meet in December)
      £1,365.00 – P Tomsett grass cutting the playing fields
      £    51.56 – expenses reimbursement to D Hayward for fingerposts and poppy wreath
    3. Budget
      The Clerk distributed a proposed budget of £9065.00 for 2018-2019, an increase of approximately 4%. The proposed budget is a first draft to be discussed at the next meeting. The Clerk reported:
      - the savings deposit currently has a balance of £10,175.52
      - it is difficult to determine the final spend for 2016-2017 as we do not have Mr Hopkins estimated cost for repairs needed to equipment but it may be £7,300.
      Internal and external audits costs are unknown due to changing requirements
  13. Correspondences
    a letter from St Mary’s Primary School to the Village Hall Mgmt Committee and copied to the Parish Council to make them aware the viability of the school going forward noting some risks and the low intake in numbers forecasted may lead to four classes rather than the current five classes. It was suggested that this may be due to falling birth rate, lack of affordable housing or falling Pre-School numbers. It is believed that latter may be due to the fact that the Preschool cannot offer an all-day service due to lack of access to the Village Hall. This may in turn eventually affect the intake to the village school. The Clerk will email the school to thank them for keeping the Parish Council informed. Action: Clerk

    - The Clerk received a notification of a closed enquiry – the weight restricted sign on the A30 that is twisted has been “dealt with”. The Clerk noted it does not look as if it has been straightened. The Clerk will email P Thatcher, DCC. Action: Clerk

    The Clerk forwarded the SSDC (South Somerset District Council) email concerning an Issues & Options Consultation. The Clerk will forward the email to some of the Compton Road residents. Action: Clerk

    - 2 Newsletters: Came & Co Newsletter and DWP

    - A resident requested the padlock if removed on the gate/ stile across from the shop on Church Road. The Clerk will contact Mr D Ackerley, DCC to ask if you he is aware who is responsible for the padlock. Action: Clerk
  14. Items for the Pennant
    - Nordcat – trial service on Monday to Sherborne
    - East Farm Footpath ongoing
  15. Date for Parish Council Meetings 2018
    The Clerk emailed the dates proposed for 2018 prior to the next meeting. All agreed and approved the dates. The Clerk will book the committee room for 2018 meetings. Action: Clerk
  16. Any other information/ Items for the January 2018 Agenda
    Cllr D Coffin suggested the war memorial is thoroughly inspected as some areas need attention. It would be nice to have the work completed in time for Remembrance Sunday 2018 (100 years since the end of WW1)  It was agreed the Clerk will ask Mr Bide for an estimate.  Action:  Clerk