Minutes for Ordinary Parish Council Meeting on Tuesday, 6 March 2018

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Present: Cllrs D Hayward (Chairman), L Bennett (Vice Chair), P Clark, I Houston, T Hunt and S London.
In attendance:  Mrs P Chapman (Clerk), District Councillors M Lawrence and R Legg.

  1. Apologies for Absence
    Cllr D Coffin and County Cllr M Penfold.
  2. Minutes of the Last Meeting
    The minutes from the meeting held 6th February 2018 were approved by the Councillors in attendance and signed by the Chairman, Cllr D Hayward, as a true record of the meeting.
  3. Declaration of Interest
  4. West Dorset District Council Applications
    1. Planning Application
      No new applications needed for consultation.
    2. West Dorset District Council Application Decision
      WD/D/17/002836 Bradford Abbas Post Office, Church Road, Bradford Abbas.  Change of use of the building from a mixed use dwelling (C3)/(A1) to a residential dwelling was refused.  The report is available online.  Cllr T Hunt and I Houston suggested members of the Parish Council and interested volunteers view the property in order to fully understand the condition of a potential shop to help find a tenant.  Action:  Cllrs T Hunt and D Hayward
    3. Telephone Box on Churchwell Street
      Previously it was resolved to list the telephone box on Churchwell Street with Historical England so it is not removed entirely. Cllrs T Hunt and D Hayward will look into the process and report back to the Parish Council for the next meeting.  Action: Cllrs T Hunt and D Hayward
    4. Village Shop post application status
      This item was discussed earlier in the meeting, see 4.2 
  5. County Councillor, District Councillor and Officer Reports
    Footpaths:  Cllr S Longdon reported they are wet and muddy. Some trees are down in Bradford Hollow and the concrete blocks have been shifted but motor vehicles will not be able to gain access.

    Tree:  Cllr L Bennett noted Tudor Cottage lopped some of the trees on the property. Cllr D Hayward stated they are aware of their obligation as a property in a conservation area.

    Village Hall:  Cllr T Hunt reported the AGM did not take place due to lack of support from committee members and that the Village Hall Committee Chairman has given 3 months notice of his resignation.  Cllr T Hunt was unsure if any other posts will resign as well.  Cllr T Hunt and D Hayward are organising an extraordinary meeting. The Village Hall Committee is in need of new members.

    Cllr M Lawrence noted she and County Cllr M Penfold viewed the area of the East Farm Footpath although nothing has changed in terms of the applications objections and length of time for a report. Cllr M Lawrence reported the next election will take place in 2019 and the length of term for the successful candidates will be 5 years in order to get into sync with other elections. Sherborne will have 2 Cllrs representing them, not the current 3. The boundaries have not been finalised.
  6. War Memorial
    The Clerk wrote to Mr Bide to inform him the Parish Council is happy to proceed with estimate he provided for the repairs needed.  The Clerk requested all the work is completed by Sept 2018.
  7. Dorset County Council Definitive Map Statement Modification Order 2017
    Nothing to report, ongoing.
  8. Affordable Housing
    Cllr D Hayward spoke to Mr N Dyke and at this time nothing is moving forward in reference to housing at the Sports and Social Club.  The Parish Council will once again move forward with solutions previously discussed.  Cllr I Houston drafted a leaflet in order to seek views and support for affordable housing in the village.

    Cllr R Legg noted that in a few months time more information will be available concerning the Compton Road/Babylon Hill area affordable housing proposals.
  9. Matters Arising / Action Taken
    1. Village Plan
      The Village Plan is now available and open online for all comments.  The item will be discussed at the Annual Parish Meeting in April.  Action:  Cllr I Houston
    2. Community Defibrillator
      The training took place at the Club in February.  After much confusion it appears the defibrillator power supply was not working.  The Clerk should receive a replacement soon.  Action: Clerk
    3. Safe Cycle and Walking Route to Yeovil
      Nothing to report at this time. Project ongoing.
  10. Report from the Wriggle Valley Transportation Group
    No meeting took place recently. Nothing to report.
  11. Highways
    The parking at The Cross was discussed as the Clerk received a written complaint from a resident noting the cars parked directly in front of the bollards may restrict emergency vehicles access to Churchwell Lane.  The Chairman has had informal discussions with both owners of the vehicles. The Clerk has contacted a fireman requesting the brigade look at the area to get their view.  The Clerk will write to both vehicle owners suggesting with mutual consideration this issue could be solved.  Action:  Clerk & Cllr D Hayward

    Cllr D Hayward mentioned the school has had complaints concerning cars parked on the zig zag lines, and some parents leaving their engines running while they take their children into the school.  Cllr D Hayward will suggest the school contacts the PSCO.  Action: Cllr D Hayward

    Cllr D Hayward spoke to a club committee member to suggest a grit bin on the corner of Quarry Lane.  The committee member did not feel it was necessary. The Clerk will contact highways to ask if they are happy to fill a grit bin if the Parish Council moves forward with installation.  Action:  Clerk

    The potholes noted:  Church Road / outside shop, halfway up North Street and Bakehouse Lane. Cllr I Houston noted the drains and gullies need to be cleared on Bakehouse Lane.  Action:  Clerk
  12. Playing Field
    1. Inspection reports from Volunteers
      All notations mentioned in reports have been repaired or are on the list to be repaired.
    2. Repairs Needed to the Equipment
      The Clerk will meet with Mr Hopkins to discuss refurbishing the benches, securing the new picnic tables as well as replacing the rotted wood on one of the platforms of the zip wire.  Action:  Clerk

      The Clerk was contacted by the new contractors for cutting the grass. They asked if it were possible to dump the grass of the first cut or two over the fence on the RR embankment.  The PC will not be charged for the first cut(s).  The Clerk and Chairman felt this was reasonable.
  13. Financial Accounts
    1. Grants & Donation
      None received.
    2. Accounts for Payment
      The Clerk request approval for two payments:
      £   209.34  – Clerk’s wage month 11
      £     47.26  – Clerk’s expenses (£34.04 is for the website services)

      The above payments were approved and  will be made via online transfer.

      Cllr D Hayward reported there are two deadlines for the Leisure Development Fund Cllr M Lawrence suggested to the Parish Council at the last meeting. It was resolved the Parish Council will apply for a new seesaw for the 1st April deadline and the Village Hall may be able to apply for new chairs for the August deadline. 20% of the overall cost of the project can be reclaimed.  Action:  Cllr D Hayward

      It was asked if the Parish Council will receive any Section 106 money from the Mill Farm applications.  The Clerk will investigate but is not aware of any at this time.  Action: Clerk
  14. Correspondences
    - Cllr I Houston discussed the changes to the data protection regulations.  He has kindly offered to attend the DAPTC training on the 26th March. Cllr I Houston suggested the Parish Council registers with the ICO. Action: Cllr I Houston
    - the Clerk forwarded an email from the DAPTC concerning Future Dorset proposal for Local Gov’t Reorganisation subject to parliamentary approval.
    - Dorset Community Action: Best Village Competition 2018 now includes new categories.  The Clerk forwarded this email to the Scout group. It was suggested it also goes to the Bridge Group and Friendship Club. Action: Clerk 
    - a letter from a resident looking for advice or more information concerning wayleaves on electricity and cables.
    - a letter from a resident concerning parking at The Cross. (discussed earlier in the meeting)
  15. Items for the Pennant
    - Annual Meeting including the Village Plan
    - please be considerate when parking in the village
    - how to report potholes
  16. Date of Next Meeting – Tuesday 4th April 2018
    7pm Bradford Abbas Village Hall to be followed by the Annual Parish Meeting at 8pm.