Minutes for Ordinary Parish Council Meeting on Tuesday, 10 July 2018

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Present:  Cllrs L Bennett (Vice Chair), P Clark, D Coffin, D Hayward (Chair), I Houston, T Hunt and S Longdon.

In attendance:  P Chapman (Clerk), District Cllr M Lawrence, County Cllr M Penfold and one member of the public.

  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Declarations of Interests
  3. Minutes of the Last Meeting
    The minutes were approved by the Councillors and signed by the Chairman, Cllr D Hayward, as a true record of the meeting.
  4. West Dorset District Council Planning Applications
    1. Planning Applications
      WD/D/18/00107 – Thistledo, Westbury, Bradford Abbas.  Demolition of conservatory and erection of single storey rear extension with loft conversion. The Parish Council determined this application between meetings due to the deadline and it was not seen as contentious. The Parish Council resolved to support the application.

      The Clerk received a planning application from Dorset County Council.  WD/D/18/00131 – Infilling of redundant slurry lagoon to the land to the north of Compton Road, Yeovil.  The Clerk passed on the documents received in the post to the Chairman prior to the meeting.  No objections were raised.
    2. West Dorset District Council Planning Decisions
      WD/D/18/000958 for Bethel, North Street was granted by WDDC.

      (County Cllr M Penfold arrived)
  5. Telephone Box on Churchwell Street
    Cllr D Hayward reported English Heritage refused the application to list the telephone box. Cllr D Hayward spoke to the Thornhacket Clerk who was successful six years ago listing the telephone box in front of the pub.  The requirements have been modified since their application was approved. It was resolved to reapply in order to make certain English Heritage is aware the telephone box is under threat of removal.    Action:  Cllr D Hayward

    The Clerk will investigate the cost for the repairs needed for the next meeting.    Action:  Clerk

    Cllr D Hayward reported the phone is still not working properly and does not believe it has been repaired as requested.  He will follow-up on the repairs if it is not working
    Action:  Cllr D Hayward

  6. County Councillor, District Councillor and Officer Reports
    County Cllr M Penfold reported unitary and shadow executive meetings took place over the past month.  The meetings covered the preliminary stages to transferring assets and budgets.

    District Cllr M Lawrence noted the chief executives of the County and District Councils will need to reapply for their jobs.

    Footpaths:  Cllr S Longdon cut back the overgrown vegetation along Fannybrook Lane and the rest of the footpaths are all passable.  Cllr D Coffin reported an overhanging branch on the footpath near the Emlet. Cllr S Longdon will trim the branch. The Chairman noted we expected a representative from the Augusta Westlands Retirement Association concerning a walk he was organising and emailed the Clerk with some areas that were problems. Cllr D Hayward spoke to the owners of the property in Clifton Maybank concerning some of their complaints.   Action: Cllr S Longdon

    Village Hall:  Cllr T Hunt reported at the most recent meeting elected M B Hunt as Chairman.
    Trees:  Cllr L Bennett had nothing to report.
  7. Policies
    1. Data Protection/Privacy Policy & Freedom of Information Policy
      The Clerk emailed the policy prior to the meeting.  Cllr D Hayward has not had a chance to read through the policy.  Cllr I Houston put it online (not published) and answered the Clerk’s queries.  The Councillors resolved to adopt the policy. Cllr D Hayward will review it prior to publishing it online. Action: Cllr D Hayward/Clerk
    2. Code of Conduct
      The Clerk noted the proposed change to the Code of Conduct is to add “Working Groups” to the policy. It was resolved to adopt the new code of conduct. The Clerk will email the Councillors the final policy.  Action:  Clerk
  8. Affordable Housing
    Cllr I Houston reported 16 affordable questionnaires were completed online.  The Clerk has handed Cllr I Houston 9 paper responses.  It was resolved the Clerk will put an item in the Pennant to remind residents about the questionnaire and to contact the Clerk for a paper copy if it is needed.  A notice will be put up on the shop noticeboard and the Clerk will email the school with the link to the questionnaire on the website. The deadline for all questionnaires will be end of August/1st September. Action:  Clerk
  9. LGBCE (Local Government Boundary Commission for England) Draft Public Consultation
    Cllr I Houston noted in an email prior to the meeting the consultation document was not constant stating in one section Clifton Maybank is with Sherborne Rural with Bradford Abbas and in another section it stated it was in Yetminster.  The County Cllr and District Cllr said the intention is to have Clifton Maybank with Bradford Abbas in Sherborne Rural.  The Parish Council does not have any objection to the proposed ward changes. The Clerk will put up the poster received for the consultation on the noticeboard . Action:  Clerk
  10. Matters Arising / Actions Taken
    1. Village Plan
      The results of the affordable housing survey will feed into the village plan. Nothing to report at this time. A reminder will be put in the Pennant for residents to provide feedback.  Action:  Clerk
    2. Website Updates
      Cllr I Houston reported the questionnaire is online.  The Clerk updated the Councillors responsibilites/ working groups from the May Meeting.
  11. Highways
    Cllr D Hayward (Chair) asked the member of the public if he would like to discuss his concerns with the speed limit on Underdown/ Bradford Road.  He suggested the speed limit of 40 mph along Underdown until you reach the houses on Bradford Rd where the speed limit is 30 mph.  The Parish Council supports this suggestion. The Clerk has emailed Mr P Thatcher as actioned at the last meeting.  County Cllr M Penfold will contact Mr Thatcher to request a meeting with a few members of the public and Parish Council to discuss this in further detail.  The Clerk will contact the Castleton Parish Clerk to discuss the BAPCs proposed changes within the boundary and perhaps gain their support.  Action:  Clerk

    Cllr S Longdon reported he removed many of the rocks from the Old Rectory’s wall from the road.  It was resolved Cllr D Hayward will speak to the owner to ask if the wall will be repaired soon.  Action:  Cllr D Hayward

    (Cllr M Penfold and M Lawrence left the meeting)
  12. Playing Field
    1. Inspection Reports from Volunteers
      Cllr D Hayward reported he has removed the infant swings for safety reasons.  He has also asked Mr M Hopkins for an estimate to replace the top bar.  Action:  Cllr D Hayward

      The Clerk will contact KM Dike to suggest they move the tables to cut the grass underneath as they are not secured. It is difficult to determine if they are cutting the grass under the table or not.  Action:  Clerk
    2. Annual Inspection
      The Clerk has requested the annual inspection from Play Inspection Ltd but she does not know when it is scheduled to take place in July. 
    3. Equipment
      The Councillors discussed the new seesaw for the playing field.  The grant will cover 20% of the cost, excluding delivery and installation. Cllr D Hayward emailed a few suggestions/examples for a potential new seesaw.  No decision was made, it was resolved Councillors will visit local playing fields and photo seesaws they like the look of over the next month.  The Clerk will try to get a cost from the photos provided.  Action:  All Councillors/Clerk
  13. Financial Accounts
    1. Grants & Donations
      The Clerk received a grant request from the Church for the upkeep of the churchyard. It was resolved to donate £500.
    2. Accounts for Payment
      Current Account balance reported at the June Meeting:   £ 8,582.23
           Less June Meeting payments                                       £    996.54
           o/s cheque cleared                                                       £    140.00
                                                                                                                     £ 7,445.69
      Deposit Account Balance reported at the June Meeting:  £10,178.47
      June Interest                                                                     £           .46
      Account balance as of 9/7/18                                                               £17,624.62

      July Payments presented for approval:
      £209.34 - Clerk's wage, month 4
      £152.00 - KM Dike Nurseries June 2018
      £  75.00 - Cllr I Houston reimbursement for questionnaires copies

      August payments:
      £209.34 - Clerk's wage, month 5
      £152.00 - KM Dike Nurseries July 2018

      The above payment were unanimously approved.

  14. Correspondences
    - The Clerk noted the letter posted to Royal Mail concerning the removal of the postbox along Queens Rd.  They did not follow protocol and give any warning to its removal as stated on their website.  The letter also offered assistance relocating the postbox if the location along Queens Road was the issue.
    - The Clerk noted an email concerning affordable housing that assumed it was moving forward. The Clerk responded the purpose of the survey is to gain support for the housing from the residents before moving forward

    The Clerk asked if another Councillor would like to become a signatory and happy to approve online payments when Cllr L Bennett was unavailable.  Cllr S Longdon kindly volunteered. The Clerk will provide the paperwork needed. Action:  Clerk
  15. Items for the Pennant
    - Affordable Housing Questionnaire due by end of August/ 1st September
    - Thank the organisers for the Festival of Wheels on a successful day
    - Well done to Alan & Wendy for the shop that is looking so well
  16. Any Other Information/Items for September Agenda
    Cllr S Longdon noted the fingerpost at the top of Westbury and Underdown is damaged.  

    Meeting ended 9:25pm