Dorset Council - What is happening

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What is happening:

  • New Dorset Council replacing 5 district and borough councils and Dorset County Council from 1 April 2019

Why it’s happening:

  • to protect important services for residents including bins, housing, road maintenance, schools, and social care
  • to reduce costs and give better value for money by cutting duplication
  • to give Dorset a stronger voice nationally which will help attract business investment and government funding, and support local economic growth

How to contact Dorset Council:

How to keep informed:

  • Sign up for e-newsletter, follow on social media @DorsetCouncilUK

How to get involved:

  • Join the new Dorset Council people’s panel and help shape what we do

Continuity of council services:

  • Very little change to frontline services for residents, especially on Day One. Your bin day will stay the same!
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