Minutes for Annual Council Meeting on Tuesday, 1 May 2018

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Present:  Cllrs D Hayward, L Bennett, P Clark, I Houston and S Longdon.

In attendance:  P Chapman (Clerk), County Councillor M Penfold, District Councillor M Lawrence, District Councillor R Legg, Mr Tom Lloyd (Ablebox Ltd), Dorset County Council R Skeats and two members of the public.

The meeting was opened by the Clerk, P Chapman.

  1. Apologies for Absence
    Cllrs D Coffin and T Hunt.
  2. To elect Chairman of the Council
    Cllr S Longdon proposed Cllr D Hayward, Cllr I Houston seconded.  Cllr D Hayward kindly accepted the office of Chairman.
  3. To receive the Chairman’s declaration of acceptance of office
    The Clerk will receive the signed acceptance form after the meeting.
  4. To elect a Vice-Chairman of the Council
    Cllr I Houston proposed Cllr L Bennett, Cllr S Longdon seconded.  Cllr L Bennett kindly accepted the office of Vice Chair.
  5. To receive the Vice-Chairman’s declaration of acceptance of office
    The Clerk will receive the signed acceptance form after the meeting.
  6. To appoint representatives to outside bodies.
    The Councillors in attendance discussed whether a Tree Officer was needed as WDDC no longer requires  consultation from parish councils. It was resolved it was good idea to have someone with experience to keep an eye on the applications and Cllr L Bennett was happy to continue on with her role.
    1. Tree Preservation Officer: Cllr L Bennett
    2. Pennant and Heritage: Cllr D Hayward
    3. Rights of Ways/Foothpaths: Cllr S Longdon
    4. Village Hall: Cllr T Hunt informed Cllr D Hayward he is happy to continue with the role.
    5. Planning Representative: Cllr D Hayward
  7. To appoint Working Groups
    1. Planning Working Group:  Cllrs S Longdon, D Coffin, L Bennett, T Hunt and D Hayward
    2. Playing Field Working Group: Cllrs D Hayward, S Longdon, I Houston and P Clark
    3. Village Plan Working Group:  Cllrs T Hunt, L Bennett and P Clark

      Cllr I Houston requested we reinstate the Website Working Group as some work needs to be done in relation to the upcoming GDPR changes.  It was agreed to reinstate the working group.  The members are:  Cllrs I Houston, P Clark, S Longdon and possibly T Hunt
  8. To consider the payment of any subscriptions falling to be paid annually
    It was resolved DAPTC (Dorset Association of Parish and Town Councils) LCN and Amazon SSL (website) will be renewed annually.
  9. Declarations of Interests
  10. Minutes of the Last Meeting
    The minutes were approved by the Councillors and signed by the Chairman, Cllr D Hayward, as a true record of the meeting.
  11. Babylon Hill Roundabout Artwork
    Mr R Skeats, DCC Highways, introduced Mr Tom Lloyd of Ablebox Ltd, the current sponsor of the Babylon Hill Roundabout.  Mr Lloyd noted Ablebox Ltd have a two year agreement sponsoring the Babylon Hill Roundabout.  Ablebox Ltd is a rapidly growing family owned business in the local area. They sponsor roundabouts in both Dorset and Somerset as a way to give back to the local communities.  The proposed artwork was approved by DCC from a safety point of view.  Mr Lloyd supplied a sketch of the possible changes to the roundabout.  The budlei would come out in the centre of the roundabout in order for a concrete plinth to support and 12 “ablebox” boxes.  The materials used will be steel, vinyl boxes of various colours (undecided).  The boxes may be themed during festive times of the year.  The highest box will be 3 metres tall.

    The Councillors were happy with the design and felt it would add character to the roundabout. Mr Lloyd will email the design to the Clerk to forward to the Councillors.  The design should be up in 5 to 6 weeks.
  12. West Dorset District Council Planning Applications
    1. Planning Applications
      WD/D/18/000521 34 Manor Close, Bradford Abbas. 
      Erection of side extension.  No objections were raised. It was resolved to support this application.
    2. West Dorset District Council Planning Decisions
      No planning application decisions were made to report.
    3. Telephone Box on Churchwell Street
      Ongoing, nothing to report.
  13. County Councillor, District Councillor and Officer Reports
    Footpaths:  Cllr S Longdon reported the landowner of the footpath on Mill Farm has requested advice from DCC in order to improve the ground for walkers when it is very wet and slippery.  All other footpaths are fine.

    Trees:  Cllr L Bennett reported there were a few applications submitted over the past months.  Ash Cottage (North Street), Old School House (Churchwell Street), and Coombe. No objections to any of the applications.

    Village Hall:  Cllr D Hayward gave a report in Cllr T Hunt’s absence.  An extraordinary meeting is scheduled for 21st May.  The Village Hall Chairman has resigned but will carry on with the bookings until the meeting. A mailshot is in the process of going out in order to invite new members to the Village Hall Committee.

    District Cllr M Lawrence reported there will be a consultation taking place the last two weeks of July that will cover the boundary changes.  At this time, it appears the change will separate Clifton Maybank from Bradford Abbas.  The Parish Council will need to be aware of the changes and respond to the consultation.  The District Cllr informed the Parish Council of the possibility of more new houses between Bradford Road and the A30.  A new access onto Bradford Road was discussed. County Cllr M Penfold will look into this as it is not currently an active application.

    County Cllr noted the huge amount of flytipping going on recently.  She informed the council Mental Health week begins 14/5.  County hall will have displays and leaflets to raise awareness.
  14. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Upcoming Changes
    Cllr I Houston attended the DAPTC GDPR session last month.  In summary for the Bradford Abbas Parish Council (BAPC) it is strongly advised to register with the ICO to show the BAPC is taking steps to adhere to the GDPR and takes privacy seriously.  A privacy statement will need to be added to the website.

    The upcoming changes will need to be reflected in the standing orders that will also need to be reviewed annually.  The Data Controller (Chairman) is responsible for knowing what computers the Bradford Abbas Parish Council has and what data they hold and who can access them.

    Cllr I Houston will meet with the Website Working Group to discuss the changes and actions needed in more detail. In the meantime, the Clerk will register with the ICO asap.  Action:  Clerk
  15. Affordable Housing
    Cllr I Houston has drafted a leaflet to determine the views of the residents concerning affordable housing.  Cllr D Hayward has reviewed the proposed leaflet and suggested Cllr I Houston emails it to all the Cllrs with a view to insert it in the Pennant.  Action:  Cllr I Houston
  16. Matters Arising / Actions Taken
    1. Village Plan
      Nothing to report at this time.
    2. Defibrillator Update
      The Clerk received the replacement power supply. Cllr D Hayward went up to the Club to check the new power supply was installed/working properly.  Cllr D Hayward reported mechanical and electrical faults were found with the cabinet itself so he does not believe the alarm and light ever worked properly.  He has kindly fixed these and outlined the problems in a document the Clerk will send off to Kate Fisher of the South Western Ambulance Service.  Action: Clerk

      The Clerk reported when the supply was dropped off Kate Fisher suggested in the future they will not use these cabinets as they have had problems with the supplier.
    3. Safe Cycle and Walking Route to Yeovil
      On hold, nothing to report.
  17. Highways
    The Clerk visited a resident of The Cross after receiving their letter in response to the Parish Council’s letter in March.  The resident’s letter noted, after contacting highways, the railway bridge leading to Churchwell Lane is not an emergency access point.  The letter also suggested a health and safety issue with mud and silt from a residential parking areas in the path of the water coming down the lanes. These concerns were addressed when the Clerk, Cllrs L Bennett and D Hayward met with Mr Paul Thatcher of DCC Highways.

    The notes of this meeting are attached at the end of these minutes.  The Clerk will write to both the residents nearest to the bridge to thank them for their considerate parking in order to allow easy for pedestrians and cyclists.  Action:  Clerk

    (County Cllr and District Cllrs left the meeting)
  18. Playing Field
    1. Inspection Reports from Volunteers
      Nothing to report. 
    2. Ongoing Repairs
      The Clerk has ordered the 2 picnic tables that should be delivered within the next two weeks.

      The Clerk received a letter from the WDDC Leisure Development Fund stating the grant the Parish Council applied for will be presented to the panel that are meeting on the 24th May.
  19. Financial Accounts
    1. Grants & Donations
      Nothing to report.
    2. Accounts for Payment
      The balance of the accounts as of 30/4/18 are as follows:
      Current Account:
      End Year balance                           £4,557.79
      Less Payments from April Mtg        £   589.34
      Precept 1st instalment                    £4,815.00
                                                                                        £ 8,783.45
      No outstanding cheques
      Deposit Account:
      End of Year balance                         £10,177.62
      April interest                                     £           .43
      The following payments were approved by the Cllrs in attendance:
      £  209.34 – Clerk’s wage month 2
      £   53.94 – reimburse Cllr I Houston for LCN renewal for two years
      £ 140.00 – R Loxton allotments for 2017 and 2018 (last paid 2016)
      £  62.94 – Village Hall 2018 Meetings
      £  15.00 – DAPTC Intro to External Auditor attended by the Clerk
    3. End of Year Accounts
      The Clerk provided the Councillors with the end of year documents as well as the Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2017/18 parts 1 & 2.  The Annual Governance Statements were reviewed and agreed by the Councillors in attendance.  The return was approved and the Chairman will sign the document after the meeting.  

      The Clerk has arranged for accounts to go to an internal auditor for review.
  20. Correspondences
    - A letter from a resident of the Cross, discussed earlier In the meeting
    - DAPTC Survey on LGR Matters. Action:  Clerk
    - 2 emails concerning loud gatherings in the Peel Centre Car park. The Clerk will respond to the residents, alert the PSCO, police, County Cllr and get in touch with the Peel Centre Security. Action: Clerk
    - an email from a resident suggesting the post office hours were promoted. Action: Clerk
    - The Clerk forwarded an email concerning Watch Schemes in Dorset
  21. Items for the Pennant
    Reporting fly tipping, the mobile Post Office hours.
  22. Any Other Information/Items for June Agenda
    Standing Orders, Road Sweeping, Website and Highways Working Together Document

    Meeting ended at 9:55pm


    Meeting notes 30 April 2018

    Present:  Paul Thatcher DCC, Tricia Chapman (BAPC Parish Clerk), Lynne Bennett (BAPC Vice Chair) and Derek Hayward (BAPC Chairman)

    We met on Churchwell Lane, walked along The Cross, Bakehouse Lane, Back Lane, Cross Road, North Street, Grope Lane/Churchwell Street and Church Road looking at the road surfaces and drains.

    The Cross issues:
    - 4 The Cross does not seem to be encroaching on the highway, the map provided by Paul Thatcher to a resident is not a definitive map
    - Referring to possible “slips & trips” suggested by a resident due to silt and mud under the bridge:  PT did not feel it was not an issue as no mud or silt buildup was left under the RRbridge
    - PT does not have any evidence that the RRbridge was used as an emergency access, it is not considered to be one
    - PT was confirmed the drain nearest to the door of Wild Thyme is a residential drain, not DCC’s responsibility
    - PT will have the grass cutaway the DCC drain at the junction of The Cross and Bakehouse Lane in order for the water to flow easily into the drain.

    Junction of Cross Road/ Back Lane:  The Clerk reported she has received several complaints due to limited visibility. PT noted Highways will no longer use mirrors as they cause more issues than solve the problems.  There is nothing that Highways can do at this junction. 

    PT noted the vegetation needs to be cut around the signs on Back Lane between Cross Road and Underdown. (This is something that can be done through the Working Together Policy)

    The flooding issues along Churchwell Street / Grope Lane was discussed. PT will  investigate the problems using cat/mouse equipment.  He will look into his budget and consider another drain if needed and budget allows.

    PT will add many of the roads in Bradford Abbas to his list to be considered for resurfacing over the next two years.

    If the roads need to be swept the Parish Council contacts Dorset Waste Partnership (DWP) directly listing specific roads.

    PT noted there is a (DCC) Working Together Policy document if the Parish Council wish to have maintenance work done to the gullies etc. DCC will only clear BLOCKED drains. The policy includes costings for maintenance.  The Clerk will put this on the June Agenda to discuss in further detail.

    Derek and Paul drove up to the Club to discuss the drain that has been reported blocked. PT to raise a work order to clear the drain.