Annual Council Meeting on Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Meeting time

Agenda for Annual Council Meeting on Tuesday, 2 May 2017

  1. To elect Chairman of the Council
  2. To receive the Chairman’s declaration of acceptance of office
  3. To elect a Vice-Chairman of the Council
  4. To receive the Vice-Chairman’s declaration of acceptance of office
  5. To appoint representatives to outside bodies
    1. Tree Preservation Officer
    2. Pennant and Heritage
    3. Rights of Ways/Foothpaths
    4. Village Hall
    5. Planning Representative
  6. To appoint Working Groups
    1. Planning Working Group
    2. Playing Field Working Group
  7. To consider the payment of any subscriptions falling to be paid annually
  8. Apologies for Absence
  9. Declarations of Interests
  10. West Dorset District Council Planning Applications
    1. Planning Applications
      WD/D/17/000929 Coimbra, Mill Lane, Bradford Abbas.Proposed kitchen and box dormer extensions, 2nr. velux windows and sunpipe, 2nr. rooflights to kitchen, replacement windows and cladding, conversion of integrated garage, internal refurbishment works and loft conversion. (Full)

      WD/D/17/000832 Mill Farm, Bradford Abbas. Erection of a new building ancillary to the main dwelling house with associated landscaping works (Full)

      WD/D/17/000739 2 Coombe Cottages, East Farm Access Lane, Bradford Abbas. Erection of two storey side extension and proposed car port and garage store. (Full
    2. Presentation from Andrew Tregay, Planning Consultant, Boon Brown
    3. West Dorset District Council Planning Decisions
  11. Affordable Housing
  12. Matters Arising / Actions Taken
    1. Design Statement
    2. Defibrillator Update
    3. Safe Cycle and Walking Route to Yeovil
  13. County Councillor, District Councillor and Officer Reports
  14. Standing Orders
  15. Highways
    1. Fingerposts Update
    2. Back Lane Mirror
    3. Any other Highway Matters
  16. Playing Field
    1. Inspection Reports from Volunteers
    2. Ongoing Repairs
  17. Financial Accounts
    1. Grants & Donations
    2. Accounts for Payment
    3. Online Banking
  18. Correspondences
  19. Items for the Pennant
  20. Any Other Information/Items for June Agenda

    Date of Next Meeting – Tuesday 6th June
    7:30pm Bradford Abbas Village Hall



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