Parish Council Safeguarding Policy published

The Parish Council's Child and Vulnerable Adults Policy is available for inspection here.  

The principal area of Safeguarding is the Parish Council's provision of the play equipment in the play ground. But the document also contains a Code of Behaviour that includes the requirement to make everyone aware of the Parish Council’s Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection procedures, as outlined in this policy.

Code of behaviour

  • To treat everyone with dignity and respect
  • To set an example you would wish to others to follow
  • To treat all people equally
  • To ensure more than one other adult is present at all times when dealing with young person or vulnerable adult
  • To advise young people or vulnerable adult who they can talk to, if asked, about any concerns they may have. If the Councillor is to advise the relevant authority directly then the child or vulnerable adult must be made aware that the Councillor will not contact the offender but will notify the authority that can provide the necessary help and support. 
  • To make everyone aware of the Parish Council’s child and vulnerable adult protection procedures, as outlined in this policy
  • To remember someone else might misinterpret your actions, no matter how well-intentioned 
  • To take any allegations or concerns of abuse seriously and refer them to the Parish Council
  • To not trivialise any reports of abuse
  • To not let allegations suspicions or concerns about abuse go unreported