The Village Plan and local planning context

Although West Dorset District Council (WDDC) has moved to adopting Neighbourhood Plans (NP's) as supplementary planning guidance, it is of importance to state what exists and is valued in the community of Bradford Abbas parish. As a document the Village Plan (VP) is a very important point of reference to help inform discussion and better decision making. In time the Parish Council (PC) could have a dialogue with the wider community to build on the information in the VP and develop a NP. The purpose of this is that NP's can be adopted by WDDC if they meet the relevant planning and development requirements. Unlike the VP the NP must be informed through a process of wider public consultation. 

The VP describes the village of Bradford Abbas and wider parish in terms of: the village context; character of the landscape setting; settlement character; buildings and spaces; highways and traffic; where next for the village.